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Eco Springs Wide Bay-Burnett is local business, established in 2003, to service the water filtration needs of the local area. We understand local conditions, both rural and urban, and it is this expertise that guarantees the level of knowledge and service you should expect in the office, the school, the hospital, the factory or the home.

Through our unique position in the market and through our equally unique position with major suppliers, Eco Springs are able to bring to the market the very best and most up to date products at the very best prices.

We specialise in products of the highest quality and because we live close by we understand the value of service. Referrals are our best qualification and the growth of our business is in no small part due to word of mouth from satisfied customers.

We are committed to providing a high quality drinking water alternative for our customers and work on the following principles:

  • We save you money
  • We provide products which exceed expectations in water clarity and taste
  • We put our customers first; and
  • We can demonstrate our credentials in helping the environment

One thing that we are passionate about is the shocking waste, expense and hidden health risks of bottled water.

The waste of bottled water is best represented by the amount of irreplaceable resources consumed in the manufacture, bottling, storage and transportation of heavy bottles. The expense is the cost of buying water at exorbitant prices, reflecting the costs of transport more than the quality of the product itself. The hidden health costs, apart from risk of injury from handling heavy bottles, include the use of water coolers that are rarely, if ever serviced and sterilised.

We service everything we sell - so please remember - using bottled water can cost you more than money!

Eco Springs Wide Bay-Burnett is the Enviro Coolers distributor for the Wide Bay and the Burnett areas.

Eco Springs is a specialist.

We supply only water filtration and purification products, so we know the business and we understand water.

The Eco Springs name, particularly, is known throughout Australia as a result of some 20,000installations and is a name that can be relied upon to provide excellence of product, backed by equal excellence of service and support.

The Eco Springs name can be found in:

  • Schools, colleges and kindergartens
  • Office, factories and homes
  • Local government
  • State and National organisations
  • HealthCare, hospitals and medical institutions
  • Mess rooms, kitchens and boardrooms
  • Libraries, airports, restaurants, cafeterias, pharmacists, etc

In fact, the list is as long as the number of places where people gather.

The Eco Springs range

  • Refillable coolers—hot and cold or simply chilled
  • Fully plumbed coolers— again, hot and cold or simply chilled
  • Filter assemblies
  • Filter cartridges designed for all applications—fridge to whole house
  • Free-standing, bench-top or hideaway

and all with the Eco Springs name for quality in service and delivery


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