Cost Savings of doing away with bottled water

As discussed above, customers have many reasons for buying bottled water, but many are unaware of the alternatives available today. Better, more convenient and cheaper  alternatives. 

What if there was a way to remove chemicals, taste and odour from your drinking water, and save thousands of dollars over (say) a three year period.

There is! 

The Eco Springs free-standing, plumbed in cooler is supplied with a separate, external, under-sink or wall-mounted, twin housing filter unit, comprising two 10 inch filter housings, one holding a 5 micron sediment and particulate filter and one a 0.5 micron chemical/taste and odour filter that removes just about everything that you don't want in the water, while leaving everything that you do want. 

Fully supplied and installed, the capital price of the Eco Springs Plumbed Solution is usually under $700, with total, annual maintenance costs of under $300. Maintenance is flexible and can be ad hoc, or under contract. Highly attractive Rental rates are also available.

So how to save thousands of dollars? 

Depending on your particular bottled water usage, and if it equates to a normal average of two bottles per week, at (say) $11 per bottle, excluding breakdowns and maintenance of the coolers, this will amount to some $1,100 per annum. Over three years that is some $3,300 - at today's prices.

And you own nothing, just the right to keep buying more bottles.

With the Eco Springs system, your total cost over three years would some $700 for the initial purchase, plus 5 service visits at a maximum of $625 total for the three years. Add those costs together and the total is $1.325 over three years - a saving of nearly $2,000 over buying bottle water. And the next year the saving is some $850 and so on!

What is more, the more you drink of the Eco Springs filtered water, the more you save, and at the end of three years you still own a perfectly working and perfectly maintained plumbed in cooler - with all the free drinking water you want!

A plumbed in cooler in your lunch room, kitchen or mess room, connected to a nearby power outlet, can be installed in about 2 to 3 hours and you could start saving money immediately thereafter.

So the case is clear, not only is filtered water better for the environment, not only is it better for you, it can save you a fortune.

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