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All of the products we supply for the domestic market have been exhaustively tested in the real world. Whilst the demand on domestic equipment may not be as intense as on our commercial products, nonetheless the highest quality of product and service is still demanded – and provided. Just click the button to enquire.

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Replacement filter bottle

Upgrade your current water cooler

Many businesses and organisations already have water coolers that they have purchased for use with bottled water. But there is no need to keep buying bottled water. Instead switch to a replacement two-part bottle and save a fortune!

These clever two-part bottles utilise a 3-stage filter, within the bottle itself, to cleanse the water as it passes from the top section of the bottle to the lower section and from there to the chilling compartment.

Use with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold coolers and be astonished at the quality.

Remember, though, that that cooler will need to be stripped and sanitised regularly so look to us for a maintenance contract or ad hoc servicing.

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Eco Springs Bench-top refillable cooler

Bench-top filter coolers – refillable

Combining excellent compressor cooling with leading refillable bottle technology, the Eco Springs Bench-top refillable cooler is perfect where floor space is at a premium. With the same chilled water capacity as the larger floor standing units, the Bench-top unit is a popular addition to offices everywhere.

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Eco Springs In-bottle filter

Free-standing filter coolers – refillable

Utilising the Eco Springs two-part bottle and the ever reliable in-bottle filter, this cooler is ideal for the busy family, providing delicious, chilled water for the glass or the bottle for the car journey, school bus or family outing.

No more bottled water to buy, store and carry about – filter all the water you can drink.

High in quality but robust and low in price, these coolers are the perfect solution for the home or home office.

Filters are rated at 2500 litres, which in most cases means changes no more often than every 6 months.


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Reverse osmosis filtering

The next step in water filtration

Do you want to remove fluoride from your water? Do you need pure water for home brewing, or other reasons? Then a home Reverse Osmosis system may be right for you. Compact and able to be hidden away under the kitchen or laundry room sink, these systems purify up to 225 litres of water per day.

Forcing water at pressure through a membrane allows only molecules of water to pass through – nothing else, so you are left with nothing but pure water. Add the mineraliser and be sure to put back all of the vital minerals we need in our water for good health. All this in one small package with low installation costs and low maintenance/running costs – the RO membrane may last more than 2 years.

For a fuller explanation of Reverse Osmosis see the article under Technical Information.

Fully installed RO systems with mineraliser are cheaper than you may think and can be installed in a morning.

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Whole house filters

Peace of mind at every tap

Ideal for homes, whether connected to mains/town water or fed by tank water. As the name suggests, these large scale, 20 inch filter housings are designed to filter the water supply at the point that it enters the house to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Whether your water is from a town source or stored rain water, filter combinations can be tailored to your requirements to ensure filtered water to ever outlet in the premises, and with no discernible drop in pressure.

Our whole house water filter systems use the illustrated two-stage filter assembly. The first filter stage traps sediment and detritus in the water while the second stage uses carbon to remove harmful chemicals, taste and odour, and in the case of rain water introduces an inhibitor to prevent the development of bacteriological growth in the filter housing.

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Twin under-sink filter assemblies with or without UV

Site specific filters

The most popular of all Australian filter installations, the twin under-sink filter assembly can be used with town water or rain water to supply a separate swan neck tap to the kitchen worktop or diverted to feed a fridge or a fully plumbed water cooler.

Versatile and effective the choice of filters is very wide and installations can easily be tailored to specific, local requirements. The addition of UV treatment ensures that all living organisms in the water are inactivated – effectively destroyed.

See Technical Information concerning UV treatment.

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Aquaport Executive In-bottle filter

Premium style

The sleek lines of the Aquaport Executive cooler certainly draw the eye. Available in Black and Silver or White and silver, these coolers will grace any kitchen or rumpus room. Compressor cooling takes care of the 9 litres of chilled water storage, while the in-bottle filter takes care of the water purity.

Filter life is 600 litres, lasting as long as 40, 15 litre bottles of bottled water




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12 litre POU

Free-standing filter coolers – mains water supply (POU)

Installation of plumbed-in units is becoming increasingly popular in homes where the unit can be connected to a mains water supply, for example, alongside kitchen units or beside the fridge.

Connected via a pressure relief valve and utilising the twin under-sink filter described above, the POU taps into the mains supply using ¼ inch John Guest pipe and fittings. Robust and dependable, POU’s provide almost unlimited filtered drinking water for larger families. The Eco Springs POU of choice has a huge 12 litre tank meaning almost constant chilled water.

Hot and cold variations available too, for that quick cuppa!


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4.7 litre POU

Quality style

When appearance is at a premium for your equipment – to match your stainless steel kitchen appliances – and access to a mains supply is not an issue - then look no further than the zinc-coated steel of the D14C or the Summit stainless steel POU.

As elegant as it is functional, this unit will provide the family with all the chilled water they require – night or day. No fuss!

Again utilising the versatile filtration options of twin under-sink housings, the quality of the water can be tailored to the requirements of the location, whether coupled with Whole House filtering or otherwise.


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Bench-top filter coolers

Mains water supply (POU)

No floor space in the kitchen? Then a bench-top fully plumbed unit may be just right for you. Plumbed using John Guest 1.4 inch hose and fittings, connections to a bench-top POU can be all but invisible. Though in a small package, these coolers provide all the cooling power and chilled water storage of their bigger, floor-standing counterparts.

Filter change no less often than 6-monthly make the installation of these units easy and affordable in any home.


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