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All of the products we supply for the domestic market have been exhaustively tested in the real world. Whilst the demand on domestic equipment may not be as intense as on our commercial products, nonetheless the highest quality of product and service is still demanded – and provided. Just click the button to enquire.

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Replacement filter bottle

Upgrade your current water cooler

Many homes already have water coolers that they have purchased for use with bottled water. But there is really no need to keep buying bottled water! Instead switch to a replacement two-part bottle and save a fortune!

These clever two-part bottles utilise a 3-stage filter, within the bottle itself, to cleanse the water as it passes from the top section of the bottle to the lower section and from there to the chilling compartment.

Use with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold coolers and be astonished at the quality.

Remember, though, that that cooler will need to be stripped and sanitised regularly so look to us for a maintenance contract or ad hoc servicing.

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