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We can supply water filters for every need, from whole house systems to fridge filters. We source our filters from the world's best manufacturers, so you are assured of the highest quality at the very best prices.

Filters for two-part bottles for Aquaport, Awesome Water-style and Waterworks a speciality.

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Carbon Filters

The world's favourite

Activated carbon filters are the world's favourite in terms of high quality drinking water filtration. We source only US products manufactured to the highest specification to the stringent US drinking water quality standards (National Primary Drinking Water Regulations or NPDWR). 

Carbon filters are used in a wide range of applications, from whole house filtering to pre-filtering for Reverse Osmosis treatment.

Whatever your filter cartridge need - we have the answer.


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Two-part bottle filters

Two-part bottles can be an ideal substitute for buying bottled water in low-useage situations. These 'filter-in-bottle' systems allow you to filter your own water as it is used. This is cheaper and easier than buying those bottles.

We can supply replacement filters for any brand of in-bottle filter system, and we will generally be cheaper. Buy the filters alone, or have us strip and sanitise your cooler while fitting the new filter for you.

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Replacement filter bottle

Upgrade your current water cooler

Many businesses and organisations already have water coolers that they have purchased for use with bottled water. But there is no need to keep buying bottled water. Instead switch to a replacement two-part bottle and save a fortune!

These clever two-part bottles utilise a 3-stage filter, within the bottle itself, to cleanse the water as it passes from the top section of the bottle to the lower section and from there to the chilling compartment.

Use with Hot and Cold or Cook and Cold coolers and be astonished at the quality.

Remember, though, that that cooler will need to be stripped and sanitised regularly so look to us for a maintenance contract or ad hoc servicing.

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Drinking water filtration products

Whole business filters

As the name suggests, these large scale, 20 inch filter housings are designed to filter the water supply at the point that it enters the building to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
Whether your water is from a town source or stored rain water, filter combinations can be tailored to your requirements to ensure filtered water to ever outlet in the premises, and with no discernible drop in pressure.
Our whole house water filter systems use the illustrated two-stage filter assembly. The first filter stage traps sediment and detritus in the water while the second stage uses carbon to remove harmful chemicals, taste and odour, and in the case of rain water introduces an inhibitor to prevent the development of bacteriological growth in the filter housing.


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