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The issue for the rural community may be summarised as water choice. Though urban consumers may choose not to use mains water or bore water or rain/tank water for the basis of their drinking water, at least they have the choice of mains water.

Rural properties have two choices – bore water or rain water – and either may be variable in quality from year to year or even season to season.

It is hard to argue that bore and/or rain water has sustained rural Australia for more than a century, but it is equally hard to argue that the countryside and land management practices have changed enormously over the years.

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The Solution

Might be simpler than you think

You may have no reason to question the purity of your drinking water supply – today.

Tomorrow, however, you may think differently.

Eco Springs can test your water for Bacteria (coliforms), Alkalinity, Chloride, Copper, Hardness, Hydrogen sulphide, Iron, Lead, Nitrates, Nitrites, pH, Pesticides and Sulphate and we provide a full written report on our findings. This amounts to peace of mind for just $99 plus GST.

Once we have your results, we can work together – that is you, Eco Springs and the water quality laboratory to decide where we go next – remedial treatment or further testing by a local NATA laboratory.

Common drinking water problems are not usually expensive to redress.

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We have a broad selection

Many of the products listed on this site for Commercial or Domestic applications are equally at home in the rural environment, but some are not. A lot depends upon your underlying water quality.

It is important not to guess.

Call Eco Springs and let us configure a solution for you, one tailored to your location and requirements. You will be surprised that it does not cost as much as you think.

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