Why test your water?

Let’s make it clear at once – not all water needs to be tested. Regular, reliable town water supplies can be relied upon to provide safe drinking water and mature, well-established rain water systems can to.

But, and it is a big but, like all generalisations, this is not always true!

Floods disrupt and contaminate rivers and reservoirs, as do industrial chemical spills, and rain water systems run to empty can resurrect contamination that you simply do not want to have to drink. As can abnormal quantities of pollution on rooftops from birds or bats.

There are a lot of myths around about drinking water quality – like the one that says “If there was something wrong with the water, we’d all get sick. Not just the kids!” That is totally and completely false. Different people react in different ways to water pollution, so don’t rely on old wives tales – test!

So, you could and should take your water to an approved NATA testing station and have it thoroughly tested if you are in doubt.

The fact, however, is that this can cost many hundreds of dollars and it is a hard commitment to make – after all ‘She’ll be right!’

So Eco Springs will pre-test your water, for just $99 plus GST and give you a report that will either serve to put your mind at rest or give you a specific target for laboratory testing to reduce those tests costs to an absolute minimum. If the lab knows it has to do only one test of the many that Eco Springs can screen for you, then you will save hundreds of dollars on that process.

What do we test for?

With our tests we look for Bacteria (coliforms), Alkalinity, Chloride, Copper, Hardness, Hydrogen sulphide, Iron, Lead, Nitrates, Nitrites, pH, Pesticides and Sulphate and we provide a full written report on our findings. These tests are all separate and dependable and can be relied upon to identify abnormalities that require further attention.

So what happens next?

What we do not do, is provide you with a report and leave you to your own devices. Once you have the report we can then decide what steps to take next to protect your family or your employees. The tests we use are backed by a major Australian Testing Laboratory and we can get you feedback as to what steps to take next and what if any preventative measures to put into place, including further specific lab tests or filtration or uv or other purging requirements.

Whatever may be wrong can be fixed! Finding out the problem, though, is the critical first step!

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